Smart Class Rooms

Bal Bharati Public School takes pride in being the pioneer in using DTS technology in Navi Mumbai region.The use of this novice technology by the school was also covered by both print (Times of India, DNA etc.) and electronic (Zee News) media.

The ‘Smart Classrooms’ is an innovative idea, which has made the teaching learning process digital and hi-tech in Bal Bharati. Each smart classroom has a Display Monitor (Plasma TV) and a PC (housed in tamper proof lockable cabinets) along with amplified sound system and a UPS.

There is a ‘Knowledge Centre’ inside the school campus with a server connected through campus wide Ethernet network to all smart class rooms. The knowledge centre is equipped with PCs for teachers’ usage wherein the teachers view professionally designed teaching capsules to be taught in the class.

The Smart Assessment System (SAS) is an innovative technique to test the skills of the children using remotes. The school also has hi- tech interactive boards which make learning easier.

Circulars, worksheets and all other important information are communicated through Educomponline system. Digital Technology System (DTS) has also been installed in the Senior Secondary classrooms.

smart-3 EDUCOMP smart-2
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