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Ganit Utsav Celebrations from 14/12/15 to 19/12/15
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Maths is Fun Not Nightmare: Activity by Class IX (Nov. 2015)
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Quiz for III to V on 20/11/15

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Maths Magic :  Activity for classes III to V was conducted on 06/08/15.

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 Exact vs Estimation (Classes I to V)  : Activity on topic was held in respective classrooms on 19/06/2015. Students enjoyed the task    immensely and the actual workout cleared their concepts of measurements.


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 Maths Eyes : Activity was conducted in classes I to V on 17/04/15. Pictures and Posters were used to develop “Maths Eye” for learners. It stimulated discussion on topics such as Pattern, Shape,Estimation, Measurement and Numbers.

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