Management Messages


The Contemporary world is an ideal stage for young inquisitive minds, minds that are eager to learn and imbibe. Life throws many challenges to these minds; there are many unpredictable twists and turns. However, those that achieve success and happiness are the ones who face all the hurdles and rise to the occasion. “To strive, to Seek, to find and not to yield” is their motto.

These young minds have a plan in place. And, schools are the perfect nurturing grounds for such focussed and enthusiastic minds. They initiate a process in which every child is set on a journey of becoming the person he wants to be. This the purpose for which schools exists; lofty but worth every struggle. And, BBPS Navi Mumbai is shining example of such an institution where the young are chiselled and shaped into productive, good citizens of a global village. My best wishes to BBPS, NM and its fraternity which under the able stewardship of the Principal and his motivated staff will continue to shine on the educational firmament

Mrs. Rekha Sharma

Secretary / Manager