Logo and Motto

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The school motto “Hanso Nayatu Naha Pragyam” is depicted in the image of a child astride a soaring swan. The motto means, “Ey swan, give us education” and make us move constantly to newer heights of learning and excellence. Swan is a symbol of enlightenment & Vahana of Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge and creative arts) in Hindu beliefs.

Each Balbharatian is guided by the pure and wise swan that helps them embark a new journey each day, to new horizons. The mission is to let the children soar high beyond their capabilities with the guided halo of the teachers enveloping them. By achieving new heights and pinnacles, a stronger nation can be devised.

We follow the philosophy of “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides– derived from “Aa No Bhadra Kratvu Yantu Vishwatah”.

“Give us wisdom & ability to comprehend”  

” The education which does not help the common mass of people to  quip themselves  for  the  struggle  for  life,  which  does  not  bring  out  strength  of character, a spirit of philanthropy and the courage of a lion – is it worth the name ? Real education is that which enables one to stand on one’s own legs.”  – Swami Vivekanand.

It was this social cause that led to the establishment of the Child Education Society, the apex body of all Bal Bharati Public Schools in 1944, when the elders thought that Indian culture, heritage, tradition and ethos must be preserved and conserved. Late Lala Hansraj Gupta, a philanthropist and former Mayor of Delhi; and some  other like-minded luminaries of Delhi were the founder members of this society. They joined hands for the noble cause of spreading the light of education.