Between Fear and Fierceness

Between Fear and Fierceness

“Can a man be brave if he’s afraid?” 

“That is the only time a man can be brave”

One of the most famous quotes from the enthralling series Game of thrones. Given the time period and scenario that the show depicts, the quote is very relatable at all instances of time and space.


People talk about the ones who make “brave” decisions. How can we define a step as brave or cowardly? The difference is negligible as the above quote surely states. Bravery is not the spontaneous outburst of courage. None of the brave men were dropped from the heavens as heroes and saviors, ignoring the superhero movies of course (no offense to Justice league fans). A step, a clarity and the unfaltering determination is all that it takes to become BRAVE.
The courage to fight and get above fear is essential.And that’s bravery. How is any of this related to us? you may wonder. It is very much related to each one of us. “You are at a very crucial stage in your life” is all we heard, the entire year.It is right I admit, while we need to work hard and focus at our goals. But we need to take time off to reflect upon ourselves. Because this year is not entirely based on the results, it is more importantly based on the decisions we make. The decisions that are going to define us for the next 50 years at least. Why not make it count? Let our choices be free from any influence, criticism,and preconceptions, let it be ours entirely.

Ironically, as huge and chief our choices are going to be, they will be equally flexible. There is no hard and fast rule on who and how each one of us should be. Then why do we believe that careers and life goals are very firmly fixed?The possible answer: We are afraid of making the wrong decision. We are so taken aback by fear, that it stops us from exploring our personality and the possibilities that comes with it. But then what better time to be brave than, when you’re afraid?

As preachy and clichéd as it may sound, it is the reality: Be who you want to be. Success does not come to those who take the safe sought after path, it comes to those who love the path that they chose. What are you afraid of? Of taking the wrong decision? Even if you do, at least it’ll be yours; yours to analyze and learn from. Life is too short, but it is long enough to make mistakes and learn from them. Believe in yourself, then you will have the courage to bounce back from mistakes and to make new ones, because

“By seeking and blundering, we learn”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

If you are afraid to fall

Do not be fear’s slave,

Always stand tall,

Be YOU-nique and brave!

Sneha Sivakumar.


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  1. kumud munshi says:

    Very well written,Sneha. Keep it up.

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DEBATE – “Indian Super League – a Boon or a Bane”

ISA Activity: Penalty Fever

DEBATE – “Indian Super League – a Boon or a Bane”

DATE: 08th Dec. 2016 

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Students of class VIII took part in a debate competition on 8th Dec 2016. The topic was “Indian Super League – a Boon or a Bane”. There were two teams comprising of four members each. Both the teams presented thoroughly researched points with conviction and confidence. The team that argued ‘for the League ‘ stole the show by bringing out all the possible points, which endorsed the view that Indian Super League was a Boon. The essential points covered in the debate are listed below.

The ISL is a boon

  • ISL clubs must have at least 22 players and at best can extend up to 25 players. This total consists of 01 ISL marquee player, up to 10 international players, and 14 domestic players. Hence, it is a good opportunity for the Indian players to compete with international standards.
  • It is a boon for all the Indian players because they get opportunity to both play football and develop their skills and also improve their financial status.
  • Players who are exceptionally good at their game are selected and recognized by International clubs and leagues.
  • ISL grassroots programme continues throughout the year. More than 5 million kids under 14 years of age have registered to receive training under this programme.
  • Some Indian players like Romeo Fernandez, GurpreetSingh Sandhu and Subrata Pal have secured contracts from good clubs of Europe and Brazil.
  • ISL is generating good revenue for the ISL clubs. Each club is spending around 50 crores every season and getting more than 40 crores from sponsors. Every season, the clubs are moving out from the red zone.
  • The young people who own the ISL clubs do not want to enjoy this money, they want to invest this in Indian Football to make it popular like cricket. They also want to compete with professional clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, etc.
  • Youngsters are influenced by high quality telecast of ISL. It proves to be a good source of motivation for budding footballers.

The ISL is a bane 

  • The ISL just uses the already available basic infrastructure and does not adequately contribute to providing high quality infrastructure to the local players.
  • Highly experienced recruits from around the world hog the limelight and Indian players are over shadowed.
  • ISL is basically a business proposition run by a multimillion company (IMG-R), which practically owns the AIFF (All India Football Federation). As with all corporate houses, it just wants to tap the growing football market of India.
  • Although it gives exposure to the Indian footballers, there is no point of taking players to train with Atletico Madrid for a month and not providing them with proper infrastructure for the rest of the year.
  • Establishing new city based football clubs does not seem to be a good idea, if the age-old traditional clubs, which have produced a lot of superstars of the bygone eras are not maintained.
  • Only HD broadcast will not improve the national football.
  • ISL is mainly signing retired players and not giving opportunity to many of our young talented players.
  • No comprehensive plan to develop and support a football culture and structure is in view. Grass root development is good but the middle level seems to have been ignored.  There is a transition phase between grass root level and senior level.

This debate clearly indicates that football is still a popular game among the kids.  Hope that in the days to come more and more Indian players get recognition at International levels.  Wishing them all the best for their endeavors.

5 Responses to DEBATE – “Indian Super League – a Boon or a Bane”

  1. kumud munshi says:

    This write up is quite informative as well as interesting. So football fever has gripped the younger generation. Surely a good choice for kids as outdoor games are anytime better than online games.Good luck to all budding football players.Create a place for yourself on the global arena.

  2. Jyoti Mete says:

    In India it would be very useful to cultivate interest in sports other than cricket.Such activity should always be encouraged.

  3. Anmol Kamath says:

    As a participant the debate forum gives us a platform to put forth our point of view and listen to other opposite views. This also gives us various other facts and views from others which we may not be aware about. Debating is also a skill so that we can convince other attendies or the subject.

  4. Sneha Chatterjee says:

    Quiet informative report. It’s good to see how children are genuinely connected with the game and critically putting forward their perspective.

    Although ISL has been positive for the game, in my personal opinion India needs to work really hard to match up with the international standards. AIFF has a massive job on its hands. I League, India’s premier domestic competition, barely gets any national recognition. Grass root level football is in a dilapidated state, grass root development programmes should be taken seriously by AIFF and sports authorities of India. Giving motivation, adequate facilities and coaches would be a real good start.

    The success of the ISL has led to some wild and preposterous claims about the future prospects for Indian football, I firmly hope that every person involved with the sports will work their best at their own level so that we can compete with other countries at international levels. That will be Indian football’s real challenge.

    It was a commendable debate and very apt for the recognition of Indian football. Well done.

  5. Poonam Surve says:

    A very well presented report by the children. Since ISL is at its initial stage, so I believe that with time it will definitely improve and enhance the level of football among the masses. International exposure is extremely significant as the players get to play with experienced players and get trained under skilled coaches. Such international exposure will certainly be beneficial for Indian football. There is already a positive motivation among the youngsters regarding the game. Considering the present scenario of sports in India, soon we might bring home the football world cup trophy too!

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When aspirations go too far

Aspiration is the globalization of the american dream. The idea is simple. Work hard and you will do well, get your childhood a good education and they will do better and have better things. but in a world where everyone wants their children to do better- and push them into doing more and more at a younger age- is it really worth it ? Last month, more than 300 Chinese parents took their to visit a luxury holiday villa in the southern city of Qingyuan, apparently in the hope that it would inspire the youngsters to seek riches when they grow up. having a good time with your children doesn’t mean picnics or games anymore, it seems. we can see it all around us here. the tuitions for IIT or SAT examinations, where children start wrestling with getting ahead while they are barely into their teens, are obvious examples. but it’s not just a developing- country phenomenon. In the UK, ‘nursery consultants’ charge as much as 290 an hour to place their clients’ children in nurseries that will put them on the fast track to an elite university. In New York, playdate coaches charge $450 an hour to train small children in the social skills that might help secure their admission to the most prestigious private schools. This is destroying childhood. ” from infancy to employment, this is a life-denying, love- denying mindset, informed not by joy or contentment, but by an ambition that is both desperate and pointless, for it cannot compensate for what it displaces:childhood, family life, the joys of summer, meaningful and productive work,a sense of arrival, living in the moment .

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  1. admin says:

    Debatable topic

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Life is beautiful

“Life is the name of purpose, struggle, love, dedication and a number of feelings and emotions.” Life shows its true colours with time. It depends upon you that how you look towards life and what is your strategy of leading an ideal life.

Life takes a number of turns during its whole span. Life may not be kind to you all the times. There are tough times which really test your courage and your capabilities of facing unfavourable situations. How well you tackle these adverse conditions prove your credibility. People who just close their eyes to avoid facing the hardships of life are coward. They do not have courage and stamina to stand firm in front of life’s demon. Remember that nothing can be done without trying, without striving hard to get yourself out of the trouble, without facing the situations. Such incidents in life improve your approach towards destiny. These incidents may entirely change one’s life (in some cases). These make your thinking a bit more rational. If there were no such thrills in life, it would be quite boring and monotonous. These incidents make you strong nerved person. In other words, life tests you all the time.

“Life is different from a teacher because teacher teaches a lesson and takes the exam but life takes exam first and then teaches a lesson.”

When you are in love, life changes its meanings, priorities and requirements. Life seems to be confined within the kingdom of your loved one’s heart. Life is a gift of God and to love and being loved is the best feeling in life which has no parallel. Everyone wishes to live a blissful life with his/her life partner. Life can be blissful only if you know each other, understand well and stand for each other through bad times.

Do not waste your life. Life should have some purpose. Identify your aim, head towards your destiny and spend your entire life in achieving your goals. This is what we call life. It is a wise saying that time waits for no one. Once it is spent, it is gone. We have got to be wise in choosing our priorities so as not to waste any of our precious time. Keep on trying to get your goals and don’t lose hope. It is said by Paulo Coelho :

“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Life is worthless without hope. Hope is the key element in life which never lets you down and keeps your morals high. Always be optimistic and have faith in God. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes a slight inconvenience makes us to think that we are unfortunate, life is cruel but this is not the reality. Spread optimism instead of pessimism. It will light up your life positively.

Remember that:

“The darkest hour of night comes just before the dawn.”

The inspiration of life is to serve mankind. Spread happiness and you will be blessed!!


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