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 Bal Bharati Public School, Navi Mumbai

 Report on ISA Collaborative Activities 2015-16

 Bal Bharati Public School, Navi Mumbai has registered for British Council’s International School Award (ISA).

The International School Award recognizes and celebrates exemplary practices of internationalism in schools. It fosters team building, innovation and project management to produce leaders. In the process, teachers and pupils develop a viewpoint of other countries and their cultures, thus developing a new outlook towards the world.

During the session 2015-16, Bal Bharati Public School, Navi Mumbai, in collaboration with Jabal Farasan International School, Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, executed a project based on Monuments of Medieval Period. Various activities were undertaken by the students of std. VI and VII of both the schools.  Though separated by several thousand kilometers, students of both schools shared and exchanged their ideas and experiences during these activities through facetime and other elements of E-technology.