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Between Fear and Fierceness

Between Fear and Fierceness

“Can a man be brave if he’s afraid?” 

“That is the only time a man can be brave”

One of the most famous quotes from the enthralling series Game of thrones. Given the time period and scenario that the show depicts, the quote is very relatable at all instances of time and space.


People talk about the ones who make “brave” decisions. How can we define a step as brave or cowardly? The difference is negligible as the above quote surely states. Bravery is not the spontaneous outburst of courage. None of the brave men were dropped from the heavens as heroes and saviors, ignoring the superhero movies of course (no offense to Justice league fans). A step, a clarity and the unfaltering determination is all that it takes to become BRAVE.
The courage to fight and get above fear is essential.And that’s bravery. How is any of this related to us? you may wonder. It is very much related to each one of us. “You are at a very crucial stage in your life” is all we heard, the entire year.It is right I admit, while we need to work hard and focus at our goals. But we need to take time off to reflect upon ourselves. Because this year is not entirely based on the results, it is more importantly based on the decisions we make. The decisions that are going to define us for the next 50 years at least. Why not make it count? Let our choices be free from any influence, criticism,and preconceptions, let it be ours entirely.

Ironically, as huge and chief our choices are going to be, they will be equally flexible. There is no hard and fast rule on who and how each one of us should be. Then why do we believe that careers and life goals are very firmly fixed?The possible answer: We are afraid of making the wrong decision. We are so taken aback by fear, that it stops us from exploring our personality and the possibilities that comes with it. But then what better time to be brave than, when you’re afraid?

As preachy and clichéd as it may sound, it is the reality: Be who you want to be. Success does not come to those who take the safe sought after path, it comes to those who love the path that they chose. What are you afraid of? Of taking the wrong decision? Even if you do, at least it’ll be yours; yours to analyze and learn from. Life is too short, but it is long enough to make mistakes and learn from them. Believe in yourself, then you will have the courage to bounce back from mistakes and to make new ones, because

“By seeking and blundering, we learn”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

If you are afraid to fall

Do not be fear’s slave,

Always stand tall,

Be YOU-nique and brave!

Sneha Sivakumar.


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  1. kumud munshi says:

    Very well written,Sneha. Keep it up.

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