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Parents Taking Our Place

Majority of moms and dads in the US and India are joining Facebook to give and seek emotional, social and parental advice, a new study suggests.
The Pew study on how parents — defined as those with children under the age of 18 – use social media found that three-quarters of parents are on Facebook.

As many as 94 per cent of parents in the study said they share, post and comment on the social networking website.
The study also found that mothers tend to use Facebook more than fathers, with 37 per cent of moms checking Facebook “frequently,” as compared to only 20 per cent of dads.
A huge 75 per cent parents log on daily, with 51 per cent using social media several times a day. This is more frequent than non-parents, with only 67 per cent checking Facebook daily and 42 per cent checking multiple times a day.

Parents tend to give and receive emotional, social and parental advice on Facebook, researchers said.

As many as 81 per cent parents in the study said they try to respond to good news their friends have shared, while 58 per cent said they respond to bad news, ‘’ reported.

Seventy-four per cent have received support from friends on Facebook, and 45 per cent of mothers who use social media “strongly agree” that they get support from friends, more than double the 22 per cent of fathers who feel the same.

About 79 per cent of parents who use social media have found useful information on Facebook, with more than half finding useful parenting advice, the study found.

——Chaitanya Kulkarni

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